WWF Heroes for a living planet
Here's an appeal video I presented for WWF.

Please help to support the work of this extraordinary conservation organisation.


Since contracting malaria while filming the Equator series, I've supported the Malaria Awareness Campaign. Did you know malaria has killed half the humans who've ever lived..? It's our greatest enemy.


So wander over to



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- adventure television directory. Offers a free and unique resource of experienced personnel and specialist organisations to meet the challenge of any production.

I was delighted to record a story about Australia for the charity Living Paintings:


A bit more about Living Paintings:

If you are looking for feely books for blind children, or educational packs for those with a visual impairment, or Albums for blind and partially sighted adults, Living Paintings is an award winning national charity that has the answers.
By providing pictures that can be “felt” in a completely free library of Albums and books, with audio commentary, Living Paintings enables people who cannot see to enjoy a wide range of visual treats, be they popular children’s books, science, history, famous works of art, the natural world, city tours, gardens, topical themes or great buildings. Membership is free - every item in this charity’s library is loaned and posted for free.If anyone would like to join Living Paintings all they have to do is ring 01635 299771 and they will be welcomed as members or they can join online at: www.livingpaintings.org  

I read an audio script for an Australian 'raised image', describing the indigenous wildlife such as the kangaroo, koala and kookaburra, as part of a new series called 'World Travel and Cultures' which Living Paintings have created.

Malaria Awareness Campaign Travel Guides 1

Malaria Awareness Campaign Travel Guides 2

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