New book! - published 2018 and 2019 (paperback)
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Simon has journeyed across epic landscapes, dodged bullets on frontlines, hunted with the San Bushmen of the Kalahari, dived with manta rays, seals and sharks, survived malaria, walked through minefields and been detained for spying by the KGB. His travels have taken him across jungles, deserts, mountains and oceans, and to some of the most beautiful, dangerous and remote regions of the world.

In ‘
Step by Step’, his most recent book, Simon gives the full story behind some of his favourite expeditions, and traces his own inspiring personal journey back to leaving school without qualifications, teetering on a bridge, and then overcoming his challenges by climbing to a ‘Lost Valley’ and changing his life…step by step…

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The Sunday Times Bestseller

“What a book. What a story. I had no idea. A cracking, riveting read. It’s amazing…fascinating…It’s a gripping tale from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down, literally couldn’t put it down… it’s so diverse, it’s beautifully written. It’s a real page-turner…The best autobiography of anyone under 50 I’ve ever read”
Chris Evans

"My goodness, it is brilliant. Searingly honest, warm, bursting with humanity. Such brave and inspiring writing” -
Kate Humble

“Gripping…plenty of thrills…weaves autobiography and traveller’s tales, covers three decades and reveals how Reeve changed his life, step by step. Reeve is a most likeable travelling companion, and the joy of the open road radiates from these pages” -
The Times Literary Supplement, the leading international weekly for literary culture

“Compelling…From Kyrgyzstan to the Tropic of Cancer, his BBC exploits have shone a light on some of the world’s most forgotten corners. But Simon Reeve’s own journey from troubled teenager to TV star has been every bit as turbulent as his on-screen adventures” – Mail on Sunday

“Shocking” -

“Cracking stories from his travels” –
Alastair Humphreys, Explorer and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

“Astounding, intimate, gripping… More adventures than most of us would experience in several lifetimes. Reeve’s appetite for adventure is palpable. And this vivid account of his fascinating, often hair-raising crusades feels more like an enthralling exchange over coffee with a friend than a formal autobiography” - Cox and Kings Travel, Compass Magazine

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