with Simon Reeve

it’s a lot more than just cricket and kangaroos…


shown on BBC2 during May, and repeated in July
Publicity photos for 'Australia' here

Simon Reeve travels around Australia in this 3 x 1hr BBC2 TV adventure series, a riveting journey that blends a travelogue with current affairs, history, culture, wildlife, conservation, and offers unique insights into life in glorious AUSTRALIA.

The first leg of Simon’s journey takes him from the ‘red centre’ of the country south to the wine region, then west to Perth. On the second he travels across the remote and wild north to the Great Barrier Reef. And his third takes him down the east coast to the magnificent cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

SIMON REEVE COMMENTED: “So much of what we think we know about Australia is wrong. I loved having a chance to challenge pre-conceptions about the country and the locals on this adventure. We used to think of Australia as a quaint European backwater on the other side of the planet. But Australia’s changed. It feels fresh, new and diverse. And rather than being cut-off, it’s perched on the edge of Asia, the most dynamic region of the planet.”
“Australia has just the right balance of familiarity and exoticism to make for an endlessly appealing adventure. I was bowled over by the confidence, the humour, and the optimism of the country.”


Daily Mail: “a superior travelogue...eye-opening stuff”

The Observer: “Reeve is a natural storyteller with a good eye for the topical…at every turn, he's talking to people…Intelligent reporting bolstered by good photography. Recommended.”

The Sunday Telegraph: “Reeve does a very good job of these travelogues - informed and enthusiastic.”

Radio Times: “Simon Reeve is about as adventurous as travel journalists get. The man behind BBC documentaries House of Saud, Equator and Indian Ocean has investigated terrorism, been shot at and suffered malaria, all to bring us thrilling TV.”

Daily Mirror: “breathtaking footage”

Evening Gazette: “With his affable persona, winning smile and in-depth knowledge of the countries he's visiting, Simon Reeve is without doubt the Beeb's new Michael Palin.”

The Guardian: “a plucky young Palin”

Irish Daily Mail: “Reeve embarks on a fascinating tour, revealing fresh stories about a nation in the middle of an economic boom.”

The Guardian: “Simon Reeve is that floppy smiley chap who goes to all the places the Foreign Office website says you shouldn't. He's still a nice travel companion…and he finds good stories”


Lonely Planet, Tom Hall, Travel Editor: "The best travel TV programmes of the past five years”

Daily Mail: "the new Michael Palin...Five Stars…Brilliant…a fascinating, illuminating journey…much more than a travelogue…compelling television”

Daily Telegraph: “exemplary…riveting…eye-opening…remarkable… all the best travellers, Reeve carries out his investigations with infectious relish, and in the realisation that trying to understand the country you're in is not just fascinating, but also hugely enjoyable"

The Times: "a real gem. Reeve is in a class of his own...the real deal in terms of intelligence and tenaciousness, charming his way in and out of situations that would make most ordinary people quake in their shoes"

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